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Monday, January 24, 2011

the brains or the face? LX blog profile

Born in 1983, I had a simple life growing up in a small town in a district called Zululand. Through my father’s farming days, South Africa and its diverse range of people have always been part of my life and the transition between the end of the apartheid era and the beginning of post-apartheid was barely noticeable. After finishing school in 2000 I ran school camps in KwaZulu Natal, then travelled and lived in the UK, exercising polo horses for the royal family, returning to study a degree in Sports Science finishing off with a Post-grad diploma in Education. After university days I worked for ACTS, a tour company that facilitates the logistics of mission trips into Southern and Eastern Africa. After a year of travelling with ACTS I came down to Cape Town to be based in their SA head office where I hosted teams based in The Team House, headed up ACTS Volunteers and began Able Africa. At the beginning of 2010, after a quick 3 month stint in the US, I came to a clear understanding that some big changes were on the cards and this lead me to joining LifeXchange.

My passion is to see people do and achieve things that they never thought was possible. To use the cliché, ‘making the impossible possible’. Seeing this happen in someone’s life gives me great Joy and in this, to come to know the Peace and Love of Jesus Christ that transcends all understanding; that being the greater and ultimate purpose of all things.

My role in LifeXchange is basically being a co-pilot to Cobus and keeping this crazy show on the road. I would say that my main focus is something as simple as networking, connecting with people and broadening LifeXchange’s supporting networks. Support not in the sense of finances, that’s a different thing altogether, but in filling the needs, paving the way for LifeXchange and its members. This ranges anywhere from things such as finding tattoo removal studios, sewing lessons for a future fashion designer, places to study motor engineering, learner’s license, job shadow opportunities in journalism, and so the list goes on, spreading out big, far, wide and deep and always different. Another portfolio involves organizing camps and activities, which brings in the extreme sports and adventure activities side of LifeXchange; rock climbing, surfing, kayaking, paintball, ultimate Frisbee etc. And then comes the range of responsibilities that are shared, such as projects, mentor recruitment and communication, marketing and media communications and many more.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

madrap wisdom #7 :2011 new year's resolutions

be excellent; in everything you do, do it as if doing it for the Lord
be consistent; find your standard and stick to it
be real; it's the only thing you can be
be content; with yourself and who you are
be discipled; allow yourself to grow in faith through other's input

Monday, January 3, 2011

pulling the trigger

When you travel with company the memories formed are easily refreshed and repeated every time you gather together again with your travel mates. Each person inserts their different account of the journey, feeding off each other, adding a memory to the story you thought you'd forgotten.

I'm in the midst of a trek up from South Africa through Zimbabwe and into Zambia with my aunt, uncle and cousins. I am consumed by the memories flooding out from the archives of my brain. Memories that present themselves with such clarity that its as if they're being
repeated, and such fondness whether that experience had been good or bad. They are so rich and so vivid that they bombard me with such force and they want to jumble out my mouth. I mostly manage to refrain myself.

I never realised how many memories had been locked away with no trigger. And in modern times when photographs provide this outlet, I have none. So instead, I sit here in silence, staring 'into space', reliving the memories that are suddenly strong and alive in the confines of my mind, and I'm enjoying it!