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Friday, November 26, 2010

words can never...

How do I explain my life when it is made up of emotion rather than action, moments rather than events. I can never explain the emotion when a 19 year old boy, previously thief, is released from a year in prison, having been raped, beaten, tortured, comes out and gives you a big hug, smiles from ear to ear and says, “Lets go for a Wimpy burger!”, immediately putting a CD into the car’s CD player pumping track #8, a song about the rappers mommy who stood by him.

When a 20 year old, previously drug lord, sits at a table with knife and fork in his hands, as clumsy as if he’s using chop sticks, (because he’s never eaten with a knife and fork before nor at a dining room table) and after finishing his meal says to the host in his strong coloured accent “Thank you for having us for dinner, the food was lovely”.

Sitting with a mother in her treasured one bedroom flat while she’s telling you about the change she’s seen in her son’s life, a previous druggie and gangster, and through that the whole household has changed with him.

A previous gangster and fighter makes a phone call and nervously, yet bravely, discusses the beginnings of an art career, the phone call being a huge achievement, taking ownership over his future even bigger.

How do I explain my life… words can never

Wednesday, November 3, 2010