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Thursday, July 7, 2011

madrap wisdom #12

to uncover the core truth behind one's behaviour or action, one must ask 'why?' 4 times.

life is like rock climbing

When you go rock climbing, there is always a LOT of stuff you need to be able to climb. Ropes, harnesses, caribiners, quick drawers, shoes, slings, chalk bag, and even more if you’re trad climbing. But unless you have someone who shows you how to tie the knots, how to put on the harness, how to set an anchor, the equipment is useless in achieving its purpose. And unless you have a climbing partner, someone who’s got the other end of your rope, you can’t go anywhere.

In life, gaining access to the resources is the easy part, but we need to realise that in order for it to make sense, to show us what needs to happen to make it work, we need people who have been there before, who can teach us, guide us, coach us and even mentor us. We also need someone in our life to be there for us on the other side of the rope, someone who can catch you when you fall, someone you trust. Without these two elements, it will be exceptionally difficult and most likely our beautifully gathered equipment will be in left lying on the ground.

This is what LifeXchange teaches through extreme sports and adventure activities in our Holistic Life Mentoring Process.