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Thursday, July 7, 2011

madrap wisdom #12

to uncover the core truth behind one's behaviour or action, one must ask 'why?' 4 times.


Mandy Rapson said...

for example in LifeXchange it would go like this, "why do you want a job", "I want to make money, "why do want to make money?", "cos I want my own place", "why?", "cos I want to be independent", "why do you want to be independent?", "because I don't want to live under the roof of the abusive and family I have and become nothing like everyone else" Now you really can help that person reach their goal because you know the true motivation, the true emotion so that when they are struggling you can remind them of why they are going through the hard and often unenjoyable effort of reaching that goal. And this can be applied to any part of our own lives, "why do you want to xxx", " because xxx", why?", "because xxx" and you'll find by the time you get the the 4th why, you would have really found the core motive. Make sense?

Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT!!!! U have to go back to when u r a kid and ask 'but why mummy' 'why' 'but why' haha BUT thats how u learn about something or..... someone!!! LOVE IT MANDOG! U AMAZE ME! :) ♥ ♥ ♥ Alicia