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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Have you tried this weight loss programme?

With the start of the year everyone has their list of new year's resolutions.  Suddenly I am surrounded by people who are embarking on several weight loss attempts.  From the No-Carb, to Banting, No sugar, and some have gone as extreme as having no sugar in their tea.  Now when one messes with one's tea, then you know it's serious.  (By now most of you know that I suffer from Tepidophobia - fear of a badly made cup of tea)

But has anyone ever considered the effects of laughter as a weight-loss programme? It's been around since the beginning of time.  It also doubles up as a stress relief and mental health programme.  So you're getting added benefits to your weight-loss programme at No Extra Cost!  Here are a few interesting facts I found:

It's a funny kind of workout

- 100 laughs equals the aerobic workout of 10 mins of rowing

- your heart rate increases by 10 - 20%

- 10 - 15 mins of laughter burns 50 calories.  That's one chocolate!

- 1 min of laughing provides 45 mins of relaxation

  It's really quite convenient, you can do this any time of day, indoors or outdoors at work or at home.

What was funny talk is now romantic wooing.

- Men find it attractive if you laugh at their jokes

- Women find men who make them laugh more attractive

  Now you don't have to lose as much weight to be the sexy self you dream of, just laugh more!

More fun less fuss

- Decreases stress related hormones

- Stimulates natural pain killers

- Increases your immune system

- Helps with depression

  Less pain, more gain

Remember when you were having fun?

- Improves memory

- Increases endorphin levels giving you that 'natural high'.

  You'll be feeling on top of the world. <Click left

So here's your first workout. It's an 8:48 minute clip that is sure to get some giggles going.  Divide the video into 4 workout sessions of 2:22 minutes each and exercise daily.  If you don't find yourself busting out with an LOL then invite a friend, because we laugh more in social environments.  Now you have a workout buddy!