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Friday, November 26, 2010

words can never...

How do I explain my life when it is made up of emotion rather than action, moments rather than events. I can never explain the emotion when a 19 year old boy, previously thief, is released from a year in prison, having been raped, beaten, tortured, comes out and gives you a big hug, smiles from ear to ear and says, “Lets go for a Wimpy burger!”, immediately putting a CD into the car’s CD player pumping track #8, a song about the rappers mommy who stood by him.

When a 20 year old, previously drug lord, sits at a table with knife and fork in his hands, as clumsy as if he’s using chop sticks, (because he’s never eaten with a knife and fork before nor at a dining room table) and after finishing his meal says to the host in his strong coloured accent “Thank you for having us for dinner, the food was lovely”.

Sitting with a mother in her treasured one bedroom flat while she’s telling you about the change she’s seen in her son’s life, a previous druggie and gangster, and through that the whole household has changed with him.

A previous gangster and fighter makes a phone call and nervously, yet bravely, discusses the beginnings of an art career, the phone call being a huge achievement, taking ownership over his future even bigger.

How do I explain my life… words can never


Pete said...

Mandy, today is Friday the 26th of November 2010 and you're my hero...even if it's just for today, you're my hero. I think we should all have heros in our lives pushing us forward and toward the success that is ours for the taking. I always knew that what you, Mandy Rapson....and Cobus, do for others is a hard, unrelenting and unappreciated task. Now that I've got to know you a bit better, it makes my heart sore to know that give with such unselfish intentions. I know you don't like compliments and being put on a pedestal, but my girl, you are my hero.......and you make me want to do better. So yes, words may not be able to express what you or what label to use for your "CV", but if I was you I'd start your "CV" with the title HERO, because you're mine. Big love sister, keep on shinning.

Kathy said...

I'd say your work has lots of emotion but I know there's a lot of action too, even if it's 'behind the scenes' & stuff no one sees (like prayer! You're doing amazing work! I love your positive attitude even though I know you're looking at a 'Mount Everest' you need to climb.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant read, very cleverly and inspirationally edited, tell me what next we can do for you. Gavin Fish

Anonymous said...

Know that I continue to pray for you!

Jess Shrode said...

You are so great at loving people! You connect with people in a beautiful way. You're one of His favorites!

Anonymous said...

Great to read your emotion-snapshots blog post. Jesus was all about people. Sure He had some teaching and training to do along the way, but even that was to make sure that more people were met at their point of need, in their desperation, when they felt there was no way out and no-one who cared.
Keep up the good work, can tell you're being blessed in it. And blessing and changing lives as you go as well.


fishhoek said...

wow, i dont like blogs but this is a very cool one!!
Rob Venter