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Monday, May 9, 2011

abnormal like me

Of late I have started thinking more and more that maybe I really am different to the average girl…mostly cos everyone keeps telling me!! But this Easter, spending time with my sisters, I was reminded that it isn’t just me...
Let me explain:
We only wear make-up on occasions,
Perfume too
We don’t carry a vanity bag as big as a sports tog bag
A hair dryer never occurs
We pack light
And we can carry it ourselves
Going for a wee in the bush doesn’t even feature a moment’s hesitation
Spending multiple days on end, far from civilisation, with no running water, electricity or even a bed is considered the ultimate!
We don’t wear nail varnish
Spiders and bugs are okay even if you have to share a shower with them
We know how to change a plug
And a car tyre
Fishing is a favourite past-time
Catching crabs and racing them is fun
Identifying birds is common practice
Interesting animal facts are a regular discussion
If you don’t get dirty, it’s not an adventure
Bumps, bruises and scratches are cool, they’re the marks of a good time!

It felt so good to sp
end time again with some normal girls like me, but I’m beginning to wonder whether they’re ‘abnormal like me’. Perhaps that’s why when we collectively called “The Rapson Girls” it comes with a certain understanding of calibre.


NK said...

Love it!!

Am pretty abnormal myself on most of those counts...but do rather like a
bed....or at least a mattress in a tent :-)

So cool that you have wonderful sisters like you!!! (Me too!)

Kirsty said...

Pretty sure there are many beautiful women out there like included. I love being individual and unique...if that makes us abnormal then great!
Keeping rolling around in the mud and falling out of trees. Love reading your blog.

The English Ginger

Penelope said...

You are special and unique, in fact, all my girls are.....

Love you lots, like jelly tots, Mummy

Casey and Sarah said...

What a beautiful picture! You and your sisters are super unique and super special for sure!